This is the first track from Electric Soul Parade's third studio album New Horizon, released in 2014.  I wrote the lyrics and music, produced the album, played guitar, and sang the lead vocals.   

This track was written and sung by blues-man Stevie Dupree from the album Dr. Dupree's Love Shop, released in 2012.  I'm on that slide guitar son.

Double is one of my favorite tracks from a gospel album called Evolution Of Praise that I produced and played guitar on in 2013.  The tune was written by my brother Todd who is also on lead vocals and bass.  

Starlight is a beautiful, folky, pop tune written by my good friend Bryan Rooney, who is also on lead vocals.  I did all the guitars and arranged the song. 

Judas is from my instrumental acoustic duet The Silence.  My good friend Dani Vargas and I wrote, produced and recorded our self-titled debut album which was released in 2011.  I'm the left guitar (2nd solo)….which means Dani is… guessed it…the right guitar. 

Electric Soul Parade's tribute to Jimi Hendrix.  I'm on guitar and vocals. 

This song was written and sung by my lovely friend Luna Achiary and released on her second album More Human Than God.  I'm on electric guitars…..check out the synth guitar in the bridge! 

This one takes you back a hundred years, when ragtime was the thing.  Written by Stevie Dupree and I.  Stevie is on lead vocals and harmonica and I'm on reso, harmonies, and porch-board.