"Travis is a superb session player, writer, and singer.  He truly feels music and is always in service of the song."

Stuart Sullivan

Grammy Winning Engineer (Sublime, Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets, Jet, Jimmie Vaughan, Pinetop Perkins, Los Lonely Boys) 


"I have hired Travis to be my resident studio guitar player on at least 50 recordings I have produced in the last five years.  I will continue to call on him whenever he is available to play on whatever session I have at my studio for many years to come."

Steve Bundrick

Live Sound/Recording Engineer/Producer (Prince, The Black Keys, Mute Math, Spoon, The Violent Femmes, Explosions In The Sky)


“Working with Travis in the studio is awesome.  He gets great tones out of his instruments and amps – I just put up a mic and watch him work his magic with the gear.  He contributes original, creative ideas that complement any style of music, and takes direction very well if necessary.  On the rare occasion more than 2 takes are needed to nail a part, he doesn’t lose his consistency or passion until we get just the performance we were searching for.”

Johannes Raassina

Engineer/Producer (Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, Skrillex)


” Travis Stephenson’s deep understanding of his instrument makes him one of the most versatile players I have ever come across.  A true master of his craft.”

Shawn Parks

Owner – Bojangles Music School – Houston, TX


“I have known Travis Lee Stephenson for many years.  I met him at The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA.   I would say that Travis’ sense of rhythm, his ear, feel, touch, groove, and sensibilities are impeccable.  He is a really conscious and extremely skilled artist.  His style is very much rooted in blues and R&B, though he can play in many others styles.”

Jinshi Ozaki

Instructor – Musician’s Institute – Hollywood, CA


” Travis Stephenson.  Wow, what a fantastic guitar teacher.  Travis taught for Infinity Guitars for three years.  All of his students were sad to see him leave.”

Randy Lutz

Owner – Infinity Guitars – Houston, TX


” Travis worked at ABC School Of Music from 2007 – 2010.  Travis was a model employee, if you want to put it that way, reliable, friendly, positive, and more than capable of teaching anyone who came in for guitar lessons.  In addition to all that, Travis is a very good songwriter, a soulful singer, and a killer player. His playing has classic influences with an eye towards the future.  During his time teaching at ABC, Travis did a lot for his students, from introducing them to a wider range of music, working with parents, to buying an amp for a student!  I saw it. Travis is a gentleman, has integrity and a high level of professionalism.  I sincerely recommend Travis Stephenson for any project or endeavor that he may be involved in.”

Andrew Burt

Owner – ABC School of Music – Houston, TX


“When I found Travis Stephenson being so genuinely interested in experimental sounds, my music reached a higher level of perception.  Taste and versatility are his strong points.  He has an extremely refined harmonic feel.  He plays the right thing at the right time, he’s not invasive.  Capable of shredding with skill and great technique, but also capable of creating magical atmospheres with class and elegance.  Professional, punctual, precise and passionate.  I haven’t found any wrong side with Travis yet.”

Luna Achiary

Solo Artist


“Not only is Travis a solid human being, he actually listens and delivers.  He has saved me so much time and money in the studio it’s unbelievable. He’s truly a one-take- wonder.  His tone, vibrato and choices as a player are masterful and seem to always exceed expectations.  I have watched him in action on two albums, and he can work with extremely skilled, specific producers that require a level of play that would make any guitar player want to walk away.  Travis stands and delivers.”

Bryan Rooney



” Travis Stephenson taught my son George for 4 years until he left Houston for LA. What can I say about Travis? An amazing guitar player who totally inspired my son. He took my son’s interest in heavy metal and gently guided him to many other areas which stretched both his technique and also introduced him to whole new musical worlds. As well as still being interested in metal my son is now listening to and playing jazz, latin and classical music, all started by Travis’ amazing approach to music and musicianship. My son is now well on the way to being a rounded musician. I can’t thank Travis enough for inspiring my son in this way. Hitch yourself to this guy – he’s a star.”

Simon Porter